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The version was created with the aim of showing the new Fiat sedan with a new face, sporty and with comfort and technology as differentials. Made from the Precision 1.8 AT, the show car is red with a glossy black painted roof and wheels and features black side skirts that extend visually to the rear and front bumpers and a black spoiler.


With sales up, the Mobi gains maturity and new external characterization Pack Cross, which enhances the lines of the body, giving more exclusivity to the car, and can be mounted on any version of the model. Mobi has consolidated in the Brazilian market. Always ranking in the best sellers category, its market maturity reaches its peak: with more than 4,400 units sold only in January 2019, Mobi becomes the darling of large urban centers. Not least, its fuel consumption is one of the lowest among all the cars designed and produced in Brazil, whether in the Fire configuration of four cylinders, available in the Easy, Like and Way versions, or Drive models, equipped with FireFly 3 engine cylinders. Other aspects praised by customers are the ease of parking and maneuverability, traffic agility and design. In practice, the Mobi is good to drive, ideal for traveling in large urban centers and still takes care of your pocket. In November 2016, five specialized journalists conducted a practical test of fuel consumption, under real conditions of use. Leaving the Fiat plant in Betim, in the metropolitan area of ​​Belo Horizonte, they headed toward the city of São Paulo and, to get an idea of ​​the excellent fuel consumption, the average of the five journalists was 26 km / liter with gasoline. the best fuel consumption was of praiseworthy 27.1 km / liter, all of them using the Mobi in the Drive version. Watch video here . Now, in addition to economic, agile and very good maneuvers, the Mobi can also be more personalized. Through the Cross Kit Pack, any version of Mobi can become even more attractive and exclusive. Bringing interesting elements that emphasize the robustness of the model and the design of its lines, the Cross Pack consists of adhesive on the bonnet, bi-color paint (with black roof), side bands and darkened caps. The cost of the Cross Pack is also very competitive, about $ 950.


The Fiat Panda will also celebrate Fiat’s 120-year history in style. The chosen venue is the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The iconic Italian brand’s flagship utility is launching an interesting special edition which, in addition to being used to celebrate the company’s anniversary, will be aimed at drivers seeking a further connectivity onboard the Fiat model . This is the new Fiat Panda Connected by Wind. The new Fiat Panda Connected by Wind is a collaboration between Fiat and Wind, one of the brands of Wind Tre SpA. It is one of the most relevant companies in the mobile phone market in Italy and one of the main operators in the fixed-line market from the country. It will be from next April that Panda Connected by Wind will begin its commercial journey in Italy. The main feature of this special edition of the Fiat Panda is that it has internet with a 4G connection, courtesy of WINDPACK. It will be possible to be connected at all times thanks to the Wi-Fi router and a Wind SIM card with 50 GB of monthly data traffic incorporated by Panda Connected by Wind. It will allow to connect up to 15 devices simultaneously. With the 4G connection you can use all functions of the Uconnect application, such as integrated Waze navigation, play streaming music and use the internet radio. The Wi-Fi router has a built-in battery and can also be charged through the appropriate dock attached to the vehicle’s 12-volt outlet. That is, the router is portable, so that it is possible to enjoy internet connection anywhere.

Leaving aside the technological equipment of the new Fiat Panda Connected by Wind, it is necessary to highlight the exterior finish that presents this special edition. In addition to displaying the ‘120’ emblem and the phrase ‘Connected by Wind’, it reveals bright black details on the protective plate and door knobs. It also has 15-inch wheels in two tones. To this we must add the body in white color and to which can optionally be given a contrast with the black roof and the rearview mirror housings in orange. In relation to the interior of the Fiat Panda Connected by Wind arise benches upholstered in black fabric adorned with contrast stitching. It also incorporates Radio U-Connect Mobile and a base for smartphones. And beneath the hood is a 1.2-liter 69-hp petrol engine, coupled with a manual transmission and a front-wheel drive system.

2019 – FIAT STRADA    

Fiat has always been one step ahead when it comes to pick-ups, evolving its portfolio, innovating and anticipating customer needs. Thus, Fiat Strada, leader of its segment for 18 years, comes to market with its 2019 line with news to serve the consumer in an even more appropriate way, with new items, optional and a new version: Freedom 1.4 Double Cab . Among the new features of the 2019 line are the Scorpion ATR (All Terrain) tires as standard for the Adventure versions. Working and Hard Working with all cabin types now offer a pre-arrangement for radio (antenna and two speakers) as standard.

Fiat Strada Freedom 1.4 Double Cab

The new version was created to meet the demand of customers who need a vehicle to work, but who also use the car in their private day-to-day. Complete, the Fiat Strada Freedom 1.4 Double Cab offers excellent rear seat space, exclusive third door and can be equipped with multimedia center with 6.2-inch screen, DVD, GPS and rear-facing camera. With highlights inside and out, the new version comes standard with 14-inch alloy wheels, chrome-plated fog lights, skid plate bumper, sea top, door handles and rear-view mirrors in vehicle color and rear parking sensor. In addition, it has power windows and locks, B6 Connect radio, USB input to charge devices and read data, leather steering wheel with radio control, glove box lighting, rear-view mirrors with electric adjustment, sun visors with mirrors and new seats with fabric exclusive of the ‘Freedom’ embroidered version on the back. The air vents, the radio panel and the air conditioning control also feature special paint.

Mopar Customization

The consumer will be able to choose between four color options available for all versions of the Fiat Strada 2019 pickup, three solid ones (Banchisa White, Alpine Red and Vulcano Black) and a metallic (Silver Bari). There is also the Gray Scandium color, exclusive to the Adventure and Freedom versions. The Fiat Strada line 2019 also offers several packages of options to choose from the customer. For the Hard Working 1.4 Simple and Extended Cabs it is possible to purchase the Protection Packs (rear protection bars and crankcase protector), Worker (power windows and power door locks and fuel cap, in addition to all items in the Pack Protection) and Pleasure (B1 USB MP3 / WMA radio with RDS, driver’s seat with height adjustment, integral caps and sea top, plus Worker Pack items). The Hard Working 1.4 Dual Cab, in addition to the first two, also has the Convenience Pack (B1 USB MP3 / WMA radio with RDS and driver’s seat with height adjustment, in addition to Worker items). The new version of Freedom 1.4 Dual Cab can be equipped with the Techno Pack (multimedia center with 6.2-inch screen,

For those who like to make their cars even more equipped, Mopar offers an extensive line of 44 accessories for the Fiat Strada 2019. In addition to the 12 months of the contractual guarantee, the consumer can contract another 12 or 24 months of direct coverage at the dealership through MVP (Mopar Vehicle Protection), which also offers, along with vehicle financing, a tailor made review plan, which can be obtained from two to ten revisions. There is also the option of extending or complementing the Confiat 24-Hour Assistance products, which extend the protections for the customer. Another novelty for the 2019 line is the maintenance plan, which becomes simpler: by time or mileage (whichever comes first), thus facilitating customer planning as to the maintenance of your vehicle.

Check out the prices of the versions below:

  • Fiat Strada Working 1.4 Simple Cabin – $ 49,790
  • Fiat Strada Hard Working 1.4 Single Cabin – US $ 35
  • Fiat Strada Hard Working 1.4 Extended Cab – US $ 39,990
  • Fiat Strada Hard Working 1.4 Double Cab – £ 24,990
  • Fiat Strada Freedom 1.4 CabineDupla – R $ 71.990
  • Fiat Strada Adventure 1.8 Double Cab – $ 79,490


Most desired among the pick-ups and the sales leader of its segment in the Brazilian market, Fiat Toro, which inaugurated in Brazil the concept of SUP (Sport Utility Pick-up), combining robustness, comfort, technology and handling, new version to accompany Volcano at the top of the line: the Fiat Toro Ranch Diesel 2.0 Turbodiesel 4×4 AT9, focused on comfort, elegance, refinement and functionality. The new version combines strength, bold design and exclusive series items such as brown leather seats. The exterior looks has a new moon-silver color on the 18-inch light alloy wheels, the roof bar and the underside of the front bumper (skid plate). The rearview mirrors, side brakes, removable trailer hanger and the santoantonio are chrome, which guarantees greater sophistication. The version still offers rear window protector, unique metallic sill, front and rear mudguards and fuel tank guard. The interior of the vehicle is highlighted by the unique brown leather seat trim with the ‘Ranch’ logo engraved on the front backrests for refinement and elegance. The visual mark of the version is also present on carpet carpets, the center console and the front doors. The brown color is still seen in the door and armrest panels and in the seam of the gearbox, the handbrake and the steering wheel. The tone was still applied to the radio frame, air vents and door handles. In addition, the interior has been darkened in the ceiling and ceiling covering, safety strap, sunglass holder, sunshade, internal lights control, bottom panel and console. The version is even equipped with dual zone air conditioning and multimedia center with 5.0-inch touch screen, which includes voice commands, USB port, Bluetooth hands-free, GPS function and instrument cluster with color TFT display of 7.0 inches . This screen has a custom welcome animation, letter font and wallpaper for the Toro Ranch.

The Fiat Toro Ranch also has cornering fog lights (which accompany the curves), main headlights with DRL (daytime safety LEDs), rear armrests, and luggage compartment beneath the passenger seat. The version is even equipped with rain sensor, rear camera, twilight sensor, internal electrochromic rear view mirror and interaction with the steering wheel controls, as well as electric adjustment of the driver’s seat with eight available positions. There is also refrigeration in the central console holder. Access to Toro Ranch is by Keyless enter’n’go (without using the key) and the game is electric, through the button on the console. The match can also be performed remotely by control. The engine of the new Toro Ranch is the 2.0 turbodiesel combined with the sophisticated and efficient nine-speed, state-of-the-art automatic transmission, unique among pick-ups and four-wheel drive. With all this, the Fiat Toro Ranch Diesel 4×4, which appeals to discerning customers looking for a comfortable and strong vehicle, has the suggested price of $ 149,990. The version can be found in the network of Fiat dealers from the last week of August.

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